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Visits & Tours

Throughout the year we receive visitors from various organisations and establishments who travel from all around the Central Wisconsin to see the mosque. A great deal of visitors are from faith, inter-faith and educational institutions wishing to further their understanding of Islamic lifestyle and faith.

Masjid Al-Noor is open to visitors throughout the year. We receive a number of visitors from local churches, schools, colleges and universities wishing to find out more about the workings of a mosque and the Islamic faith for personal knowledge, projects and studies.

We also have a number of faith-based groups, organisational visitors who visit the mosque.

A normal visit consists of an observation of prayer, a tour of the mosque building and a Q&A or discussion session. We also tend to requests for seminars, interfaith dialogues or presentations to represent Islamic faith and provide more information. Please contact us to make arrangement for such needs. You can leave message at (715) 544-7744 or email at info@iscw.us and someone will contact you at earliest possible. ISCW appreciates your interest in Islam and muslim community in Central Wisconsin.